Patient Transformation: How Morgan Got Her Life Back

Patient Transformation: How Morgan Got Her Life Back

Morgan lived with round the clock debilitating pain and nothing was helping. She was taking Ibuprofen every six hours every day, couldn’t sleep or sit for long periods of time, and was seeing a chiropractor who just cracked her back and sent her on her way.

This is her story of how she found Dr. Kevin Lewis and how he was able to figure out the root cause of her pain and treat it successfully.

Finding Dr. Lewis 

When Morgan and her husband moved to Greenville, she wanted to see a chiropractor who could hopefully put her on the right track towards a pain free life and get her out of her constant reliance on over-the-counter pain medication.

Like any modern day American, her husband Googled “chiropractor” and Dr. Lewis’ office popped up – with all five star reviews no less. She figured to give it a shot.

Figuring out the root cause and treatment options 

Morgan sat down with Dr. Lewis at that first consultation and noticed right off the bat he was different.

“When he listens to you, you feel seen and heard on a personal level. No other chiropractor has sat me down and truly listened,” she said.

She had a lot to talk to him about. Her symptoms included pain in her entire upper back, shoulders, neck, skull, arms, hips, eyes, and hands. This kind of pain was stabbing, shrieking, and deep seated. She had double sided TMJ, vertigo, her fingers were going numb and she couldn’t sleep or sit for long periods of time.

That initial consultation included speaking to Dr. Lewis and telling him her story. His assistant, Miranda, took x-rays and photos of her whole body, which calculated many different angles of her hips, shoulders, neck, back, etc. She simultaneously stood on two different scales to determine if she was holding more weight on one side of her body than the other, creating an imbalance.

“This thorough analysis impressed me!” said Morgan. “I have never had any chiropractor do any more than a massage and some quick adjustments. Dr. Lewis personally sat down and in great detail explained the results of my tests and x-rays, which concluded in a treatment plan.”

Treating Hump Neck 

Hump Neck, also referred to as Dowager’s Hump, is a curvature of the spine at the base of the neck that can cause all sorts of problems: migraines, headaches, back pain, and extreme fatigue. It’s often due to constantly looking down at your laptop or phone, a common behavior in our modern day and age.

Morgan suffered from a version of hump neck, as her neck had no natural curve in the spine. For her, it started in college due to looking down at her books and computer to study. It only worsened during her fast food job where she looked down at ordering screens all day, and peaked at her desk job where poor posture was unavoidable, even at a standing desk.

Dr. Lewis immediately began adjustments to focus on Morgan’s neck to create and maintain correct alignment. He also instructed her to use a Denneroll, which is a hard “pillow” used by chiropractors to force the curve back into the neck. Morgan followed Dr. Lewis’ instructions and laid on it for 15 minutes every day. Both her work and Dr. Lewis’ paid off as she has seen great results and relief through this treatment.

Working Through Treatment

Committing to a lengthy treatment plan can be a shock for some but for others who have been in pain for so long, they are ready to try something promising. But healing does take time.

“Dr. Lewis told me from the beginning how long it will take until I start seeing improvements,” Morgan said. “You are not popping pain pills and feeling completely better tomorrow. You might feel relief tomorrow, but remember this: your bones are used to falling out of their correct spot. They will default to this. Give your body time to learn how to hold your adjustment.”

And Dr. Lewis’ method is completely different from other chiropractors who just see patients for adjustments and then send them on their way. Morgan had already tried that and she knew it didn’t work. She wasn’t seeing any relief.

“Dr. Lewis’ office is not a ‘one and done’ place,” she said. “They have a whole therapy bay where you are taught and encouraged to stretch and use their equipment before your adjustment. After the adjustment, you are able to lay on a massage bed for a few minutes which I would highly recommend never skipping!”

Morgan’s Life Today

Morgan has been a patient of Dr. Lewis’ practice since 2019. Her entire life has turned around because of her decision to walk in his door and trust him with her care.

She went from being in extreme pain 24/7 to only occasionally experiencing pain. She was only 25 years old when she started treatment and by then, she had already been living with debilitating pain for four years.

What would have happened if she didn’t start treatment with Dr. Lewis?

“I would have had surgery, migraines and be unable to function or hold down a job,” said Morgan. “That is no life for anyone. Don’t settle. Praise the Lord for Dr. Lewis, for He used him to give me my life back.”