Patient Transformation Stories: Curtis Parker

Patient Transformation Stories: Curtis Parker

Curtis Parker, a husband, father, and commercial insurance salesman, was often in pain and uncomfortable. He was in the car hours upon hours every week for his job and could never get comfortable. Pain was constantly on his mind.

Here is his story of how he decided to give Dr. Kevin Lewis a shot at using tried and true methods to give Curtis back his life from pain.

Constant Pain

Curtis was always athletic growing up, playing baseball and football throughout high school and college. He would see a chiropractor if his back or neck was giving him pain but never much more than once or twice and never with any consistency.

In fact, when he would see the chiropractors, he often ended up feeling worse than he did before he went in. Needless to say, he wasn’t fond of using chiropractic services but after seeing Dr. Lewis, he realized he had no idea about how it was supposed to work.

“I just didn’t know how it should be done,” said Curtis. “Ultimately, you don’t know what you don’t know.”

From then on, he stayed away from chiropractors for seven or so years until he felt he was at a breaking point. He had moved to Greenville in 2017 and was suffering from a herniated disc, back pain, and other discomforts. He was traveling in the car for several days a week for five to six hours a day.

“My body was so stiff and I was always uncomfortable,” he said. “I tried stretching and some other things but nothing worked.”

Finding Dr. Kevin Lewis

While Curtis doesn’t exactly remember how he found Dr. Lewis, he does remember he did a lot of research to find the best chiropractor in Greenville. Dr. Lewis’ name kept coming up so he made an appointment.

Curtis went into the appointment with an open mind. He wasn’t set on treatment at all. He just wanted to get an opinion and see what the options were.

“I met with Dr. Lewis and we went through a lot of issues. Instead of trying to earn a couple hundred bucks for an appointment, he wanted to talk about all the details of my life and all the issues I was having. He then laid out a detailed plan of attack to fix those issues.”

Curtis started treatment by seeing Dr. Lewis twice a week and doing a set of exercises at home plus icing at the office. It was a comprehensive and individualized treatment program, formulated for Curtis’ exact issues.

“With my schedule, his office was able to accommodate me due to his longer hours and has since been able to see me when I’ve injured myself doing my normal, fun activities like water skiing or hiking,” said Curtis. “I’m his perfect patient.”

Getting Results

Curtis saw Dr. Lewis twice a week for six weeks and then cut back slowly as he started to feel better for longer periods of time. Now, years later, he goes twice a month and more if he starts to have any discomfort.

“Now, I rarely have major issues so it’s more of a maintenance plan,” said Curtis. “I don’t want to go back to where I was when I started seeing Dr. Lewis. Continuing in his care has really become second nature.”

Curtis works out five days a week and is very active, mostly due to his 20-month-old son who keeps him moving. And there is hardly ever discomfort anymore. It’s become a huge weight off his shoulders not to always be thinking about the pain or if he will hurt himself further by moving a certain way or playing with his son.

Advice to Others in pain

The biggest piece of advice Curtis can give to those considering chiropractic treatment with Dr. Lewis is this: “consistency is the key.”

This is a thread woven through Curtis’ entire story from his days as an athlete in high school and college to his time spent recovering and correcting his alignment as an adult.

“You learn fast that consistency is the key,” he said. “If you only see a chiropractor once or twice, you’ll realize it’s not working or you will feel worse. Consistency is the biggest key until you can get the structure right in your body over time. It doesn’t happen overnight.”

As for where Curtis would be today if he hadn’t taken that step to meet with Dr. Lewis and decide to jump into the treatment plan?

“I would have spent a lot of money on short term solutions and have been in more pain,” he said. “ If you’re uncomfortable, you’re the only person who can make up your mind to do the things to fix it.”

Curtis and his wife are expecting their second child and thanks to Curtis’ work with Dr. Lewis, he’ll be ready to play tackle for a long time to come.

Ready for your transformation story?

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