Eat This, Not That Chiropractic Edition

Eat This, Not That Chiropractic Edition

While we’ve discussed why your diet matters when it comes to chiropractic care and how it helps to eat an anti-inflammatory diet, the holidays give all us plenty of tasty options when it comes to food. But choosing which foods to consume are vitally important to your health, especially since the holidays usually bring more stress and less time to be intentional about exercise and diet.
So here are some easy food choices to be sure you keep your body healthy during the busy holiday season while continuing your chiropractic care routine.

Fish & Meat

Eat This: Salmon
Eat salmon or other wild-caught fish like tuna or mackerel due to their high omega-3 fatty acids, which help ensure proper brain function and reduce inflammation.

Not That: Meatballs
Red meat, and especially processed meat, has been shown to trigger inflammation, which can lead to pain and discomfort. Your chiropractic treatment plan is trying to lessen inflammation to reduce pain.


Eat This: Quinoa or Barley
Whole grains have crucial vitamins and minerals that white pasta and bread are lacking. These whole grains can help keep you full longer and regulate blood sugar levels.

Not That: Pasta
Refined and processed grains have been stripped of the nutrients that make them so healthy in the first place. Try to limit processed flour and products like pasta that are made from it.


Eat This: Brown Rice
Brown rice is a whole grain, which means the outer part of the rice kernel has not been removed, keeping all the nutrients inside intact. Fiber and antioxidants are higher in brown rice than white rice.

Not That: White Rice
White rice is processed so that most of the nutrients are removed. While it does lack the amount of fiber and antioxidants that brown rice has, it does retain some of them so it’s not totally a non-nutritious food.


Eat This: Grilled Chicken
Chicken is a lean meat that when grilled or baked, is a healthy option to other meats when on an anti-inflammatory diet. It has not been shown to reduce inflammation but it also doesn’t encourage it. When you have the option to eat chicken, baked, grilled, or boiled is the way to go.

Not That: Fried Chicken
Any fried food is going to have unhealthy amounts of saturated fats, processed flour, and a number of other ingredients that are terrible for a body that is trying to reduce inflammation.


Drink This: Tea
Tea is known for its phytochemicals, which reduce inflammation. Green tea is especially potent in these properties and for centuries, people have used it to aid in inflammation disturbances throughout the body.

Not That: Soda
Soda is one of those beverages that anyone who is trying to reduce inflammation and pain needs to stay away from. The added sugars and artificial sweeteners will take a toll on your body as blood sugar is spiked and cells try to process all the extra sugar.


Eat This: Fresh veggies – carrots, leafy greens, squash
Obviously fresh vegetables are always going to win out over other unhealthy foods but it’s because they are so good for the body. They protect against a wide variety of diseases and are a wonderful source of antioxidants.

Not That: Cookies & sugary treats
We know cookies > veggies but if you must indulge, keep it in moderation. Like soda, anytime the body needs to process excess sugar, immunity can be compromised as those cells work harder to get it out of the body, secreting hormones that cause inflammation. A sustained diet of sugary and fatty foods can lead to a host of health problems like diabetes and obesity, both of which will negatively affect your spine and comfort.

Living a Pain-Free Life

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