FAQs About Chiropractic Care for Pregnant Women

FAQs About Chiropractic Care for Pregnant Women

If you are pregnant or your partner is, chances are you have a lot of questions about what you can or can’t do, best practices to stay healthy for mom and baby, what to eat, how much to exercise, and maybe even questions about if chiropractic care can be beneficial. All of these questions and topics are totally normal to think about. If you’re considering how chiropractic may be helpful during pregnancy, read on because we are here to answer questions you may have about it. 


What kind of chiropractic care should I expect when I’m pregnant? 


At Greenville Spine, all patients receive a thorough examination and complete an intake with Dr. Kevin P. Lewis before treatment. For pregnant women, joint pain, back, neck, and shoulder pain, and sleeping issues are common concerns. All of these, and others, can be addressed during your care while pregnant and afterwards. Treatment plans will depend upon the individual and their specific needs. 

You can be sure there will be no drugs, needles, or pain associated with chiropractic care. 


Does chiropractic care help with pregnancy discomforts and birthing?


There are studies that suggest chiropractic care can be immensely helpful to a pregnant woman. 


Once a woman achieves pregnancy, her body immediately starts changing and adjusting to grow and support the baby and prepare for delivery. About 80% of women report some kind of pelvic pain during pregnancy. This can include things like pressure in the lower back, pressure on the pubic bone, pain that shoots down the legs, and cramping. When a woman is pregnant, there is significant increased pressure on her lumbar spine, which can cause pain throughout the lower body, a shift in gait, and stress on the hips. There are several studies that suggest spinal correction can alleviate much of this pain during (and after) pregnancy.


Is chiropractic care safe during pregnancy? 


Yes. The American Pregnancy Association states that there are many benefits to pursuing chiropractic care during pregnancy and that many chiropractors are trained to care for pregnant women. And studies indicate up to 75% of pregnant women found relief from pain by using chiropractic care during their pregnancies.


How can chiropractic care aid mom in labor and delivery?

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When it comes to labor and delivery, the benefits of chiropractic care continue. Several studies that date back many years have found: 

  • That first time pregnant women who receive chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy report a 25% less labor time than those who don’t; 
  • That multiparous mothers who receive chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy report a 31% less time in labor than those moms who don’t; 
  • A direct relationship between pregnant mothers who receive chiropractic care have a lesser chance of having a C-section, of preterm delivery, of the use of forceps, and of meconium-stained amniotic fluid.

My baby is breech. Can seeing a chiropractor help the baby flip into the optimal position for birth?


It certainly can. A study from the early 2000s showed that 92% of pregnant moms with a breech baby who saw a chiropractor had their babies repositioned for optimal birth.

Additionally, if a pregnant mom is seeing a chiropractor throughout her pregnancy and the body is aligned and the systems are communicating properly, the baby has a higher chance of following the natural path towards birth.


Can chiropractic care help to achieve pregnancy?


It can. Chiropractic care targets inflammation, which hinders the systems in the body from working together as they should. Through regular adjustments and individualized treatment plans, chiropractic care works to reduce subluxations, which cause inflammation, and help patients achieve a pain-free life – or pregnancy if desired. Several years ago, the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research published research on the benefits of chiropractic care and fertility. They looked at more than a dozen studies and research articles and found that chiropractic care helped women to achieve pregnancy no matter their medical history and age.

One of the studies was about a 32-year-old woman who had not menstruated for 12 years and was trying to get pregnant. It’s essential for women to have a regular cycle to become pregnant so it was not surprising she could achieve pregnancy. The research article said: “The woman had undergone a number of medical infertility treatments, but still could not conceive. After two months of chiropractic care, with attention on adjustments in the lumbar region, her menses started and after regular cycles for four months, she became pregnant.”

Dr. Madeline Behrendt compiled this research for the Journal and said that the many women who received chiropractic care to address infertility had a wide variety of stress related to their inability to conceive such as car accidents, blocked fallopian tubes, scoliosis, and work stress. Once their subluxations were detected and corrected, they were able to conceive.  While chiropractic care is not a miracle cure, it is vastly less expensive than in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and other medical procedures. 

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Can chiropractic care speed up healing after birth?


After birth, a woman’s body continues to change and adjust. These changes can be overt or subtle and can occur in the lower back when picking up her infant or the car seat, or in the pelvic region which causes discomfort walking and sleeping, or in the thoracic region as moms are nursing, bottle feeding, or rocking the baby. Studies indicate that about 77% of postpartum mothers face pain following delivery, which makes complete sense given that she has grown and birthed a new human being. 

All of these new changes can cause subluxations in the spine and neck, which can lead to pain, discomfort, trouble sleeping, nursing, or walking, and even a decrease in emotional well-being. Research has shown that postpartum patients receiving chiropractic care, including tailored adjustments made for each patient, as well as stretching and strengthening exercises, show significant improvement in physiological and neurologic areas. In a nutshell, if a woman has been regularly under the care of a chiropractor during her pregnancy, the chances are higher that continued chiropractic care can help the body to heal faster since she has been receiving regular adjustments and specialized care. 


Have Your Best Pregnancy


If you’re pregnant and experiencing pain or aches or you’d like to talk about how chiropractic care can help achieve pregnancy, we are happy to do a personal consultation to see if chiropractic treatment would be a viable option for your care. Give us a call to schedule your initial assessment. We’ll listen to you. We’ll talk about options. Give us a call at (864) 631-1420.

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