5 tips on staying pain free this autumn

The cool, crisp air of fall feels so nice after the hot, stifling summer in the Upstate, doesn’t it? It makes you want to get outside and do all the things. Which is fantastic! But have you ever grabbed the rake, started to clean up your yard, and then after a few minutes, realized pain in your back? Maybe a muscle pull or you unexpectedly moved the wrong way. Ah, autumn. 

While we encourage physical activity as a way to enjoy the outdoors and stay healthy, making sure you prepare your body to avoid injury is key to making sure your time outside is as productive and happy as possible. 

Tip 1: Make sure your shoes are supportive

This may seem like an irrelevant point but the right shoes make a huge difference for any activity. Look for shoes that support your feet correctly and are comfortable. If you start to have leg, hip, or back pain, your shoes may be the culprit, especially if you’ve switched them recently. Shoes can throw off your gait, causing an imbalance in your hips, which can lead to back and shoulder pain.

Tip 2: Stretch before raking leaves

Before grabbing that rake to clean the backyard, do a few toe touches, leg stretches, and upper body stretches to loosen muscles, especially in the shoulders, upper back, and lower back. Raking leaves seems like such a mundane task but the repetitive motion can put unnecessary strain on the spine, especially if you have subluxations – misalignment of the vertebrae in the spine – that have not been reset or healed. 

If you do feel pain, sharp or dull, take it as a sign to stop and rest. You don’t want to push yourself by aggravating an injury. Use ice and make an appointment with Greenville Spine to get it checked out before continuing. 

Tip 3: Don’t underestimate those pumpkins

Taking your family to a pumpkin patch is great fun but sometimes, those pumpkins are heavier than they look. When picking up pumpkins, don’t forget to bend your knees to take pressure off your spine and don’t carry pumpkins that are too heavy. When you’re loading them into carts or the car, protect your spine when bending over or pushing pumpkins around in the trunk. Stretching beforehand can help prevent injury as well. 

Tip 4: Getting out on the trails

Hiking is a wonderful way to enjoy fall weather and beautiful leaves as they change colors. There are a host of benefits to hiking like lower blood pressure, an increase in muscle tone and strength, and better mental health. While there are many benefits, making sure to stretch, finding the right shoes, taking trekking poles, and getting the right fit for your backpack are all important to keep your spine healthy and avoid injury. This post gives you more details on how to enjoy your time on the trails.

Tip 5: Keep your appointments

While travel, work, school and getting outside are all part of the fall season, it’s key to keep your appointments with your chiropractor. By continuing your personalized treatment – or starting a new treatment program – your body will be more prepared to handle all your fall fun or catch an injury immediately after and heal faster. 

We want to see you enjoy our beautiful fall season and keep your mind and body healthy and your spine strong. Give us a call to schedule your appointment.