Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, CTS, is a compression of the median nerve that runs under the transverse carpal ligament in the wrist. CTS is characterized by pain, numbness, and tingling that occur in the wrist, thumb and index fingers. Individuals may also experience weakness in the hand and difficulty gripping objects. There are many causes of CTS such as pregnancy, diabetes, and RA, but the most common cause is due to prolonged flexion or extension of the wrist. This commonly affects people whose work requires highly repetitive or forceful work.

There are many ways to help relieve pain caused by CTS. The most common being myofascial release, using wrist supports, B6 supplementation, surgery, and chiropractic care. Chiropractors can help by adjusting the bones in the wrist located near the Carpal Tunnel. By realigning the bones, it creates more room in the Carpal Tunnel for the median nerve to run through, relieving the pressure on the nerve.

In order for a chiropractor to best treat you, a thorough case history must be performed to evaluate your previous health history. The doctor must also perform a thorough examination that includes physical, neurological, and orthopedic examinations to find the root cause of your problem. Lastly, a treatment plan would be made specifically for you if a problem is found that we can help you with.

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