Joel, 63, began seeing Dr. Kevin P. Lewis at Greenville Spine about five years ago because he had been suffering from severe back pain for many years. He says the treatment he received was nothing short of “miraculous.” 

Long Term Injuries

Like many patients at Greenville Spine Institute, Joel had been suffering from back issues for several years. Sometimes they were mild muscle pulls but other times they stemmed from previous injuries, like the one he had playing football as a young man. By the time he was in his late 20s, he had a terrible time at his job as a lawyer and had to be on his back for almost two months. 

He was being treated by physicians and an orthopedic, who confirmed that his more pressing back pain was not a disc issue but rather the result of his injury not healing properly. 

“I was treated with injections and I did recover but I did not find out until much later when I went to Dr. Lewis that my current back issues had completely changed my gait and spine alignment, which was a key source of the pain,” said Joel. 

Finding Dr. Lewis 

Ten years ago, my back went out on Labor Day Weekend and I went to a local chiropractor who was recommended to me by some of my work colleagues. The adjustments helped Joel to feel better but his back pain persisted and he was still limited in what he could do physically, which for him, was perfecting his golfing game. 

Another five years goes by when Joel throws his back out again. By this time, he was motivated to get to the root of the problem and find long term solutions. He knew chiropractic care could help but by this time, he had already seen three of them to no avail. 

It was because of a recommendation of one of his wife’s colleagues that he ended up with an appointment at Greenville Spine. His wife’s friend had been going to Dr. Lewis to treat her injuries resulting from a car accident and she couldn’t say enough good things about his practice. That was all it took for Joel to make the appointment. 

Aggressive Treatment 

Joel immediately felt like Dr. Lewis listened to him right from that initial visit and sought to address his specific needs.

“What impressed me was the entire medical workup with x-rays and analysis,” said Joel. “I had been living with this condition of constant back pain for the last 10-15 years. By that time,  did have severe lower disc issues and was leaning dramatically to one side of my side, which was affecting the alignment of my spine.”  

Dr. Lewis came up with an aggressive treatment plan for Joel, which involved office visits and adjustments weekly. Joel agreed. 

“I couldn’t keep having these issues so I opted for the aggressive track,” he said. 

So how did it all go for Joel?

“I don’t use this word lightly but it was miraculous,” he said. “It was astounding how well it worked.”

Today, five years later, Joel still sees Dr. Lewis for maintenance and still has his original stretches that he does to stay on track. 

“Not to exaggerate, but Dr. Lewis’ treatment has been the difference between worrying that I’m going to be down versus living a more complete life,” said Joel. “It’s not just the back, which is bad enough, but I was really hesitant to participate in the things I love like golfing and hiking. Now I don’t worry about it.” 

Continuing Treatment

Joel loves to live a pretty active life and sometimes injuries will still happen. But Joel credits his consistent treatment with Dr. Lewis to being able to bounce back quickly. 

For example, just last week, Joel was out of town golfing and while bumping around on the golf cart, his back got knocked out of alignment. As soon as he got back into town, he called Miranda, who got him an appointment immediately. That was a Tuesday afternoon. 

“Dr. Lewis did a more comprehensive adjustment since he knew how much pain I was in and by Thursday, I was virtually back to normal. If I hadn’t had the previous experience with him as a patient going through consistent treatment, there’s no way I would have bounced back as fast,” said Joel. 

Advice for Those Suffering from Pain 

Joel was never one to discount chiropractors. He had already gone to three of them by the time he came to Dr. Lewis. 

“Dr. Lewis is the fourth and final one. The treatment and follow-up they do is far beyond the others,” he said. “I am a real advocate for chiropractic and especially for him.”

But the real impact that Dr. Lewis and his team has made on Joel goes well beyond his visits to the office, the nutritional advice he has received, and the complete care and follow-up he continues to receive. 

“They are huge difference makers in my ability to enjoy my life,” said Joel. “This treatment has made a profound difference in my life and I credit Dr. Lewis with that.”

Ready for your back pain transformation story? 

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