Not every chiropractic method is the same. Not only are there significant differences in patient care and treatment but there are different techniques used to achieve the most desirable results. 

The Gonstead technique, which we use at the Greenville Spine Institute, was developed by Dr. Clarence Selmer Gonstead (1898-1978). It “utilizes several methods of examination to analyze multiple factors, which, as effectively as possible, uncovers the primary characteristics of intervertebral disc lesions, intervertebral and full spine and pelvis alignment, as well as neurological ramifications of vertebral subluxation and full body health.”

The Gonstead Chiropractic Technique is a unique and effective treatment that consists of five main aspects, each one geared towards specialized and individualized treatment of the patient to accomplish their own goals. This method is so effective because it analyzes the spine through these five ways, making it a comprehensive and thorough method to treat patients. 


Normally you don’t think of x-rays in a chiropractor’s office but this is a key tool in the Gonstead method. We are able to take pictures of the full spine to see each vertebrae and identify subluxations (a point where joints are not aligned correctly and cause inflammation). Additionally, we use motion x-rays to identify misalignments in the spine. X-rays are taken during the initial exam and throughout the treatment process to measure progress and catch any outlying issues.

Restoring alignment and motion to patients are of critical importance in the Gonstead method. 


Palpitation takes into account the tone, temperature, and texture of the spine through both motion and static examinations. Subluxations often cause swelling and a warmer temperature, which we can feel through the skin. Tightness also indicates a spot that needs to be adjusted. Many of our patients are surprised that we know exactly where they are in pain when we do an exam – this is the reason. 

Checking the spine through motion can also tell us exactly where subluxations are and where an adjustment is needed. 


We use a tool called a Nervoscope, which runs along the spine to detect small changes in temperatures. This helps to identify subluxations. It’s a key component of the Gonstead technique and essential in the care of patients. This is a painless instrument that feels like two fingers running along the sides of the spine.


The Gonstead method is not a one-size-fits-all technique, which is one of the reasons it is the gold standard in chiropractic techniques. Every patient is different and every body is different. By looking at the patient – their gait, their posture, how they move – we are able to assess where improvements can be made to restore each patient to their maximum potential. 

Greenville Spine takes into account the lifestyle of each patient, their specific goals, their specific challenges they are facing, and their specific body and how it works. 

Case Management

Case Management is just looking at the patient’s overall health and using that information to determine best treatment. Chiropractic care is looking at the entire puzzle, not just piece by piece. It is essential to take into account all aspects of a patient’s health to figure out what will work best for them and how to help them achieve their goals. 

In the Gonstead method, frequent check-ins with patients that include things like updating at-home exercises, adding new stretches, taking into account current workloads and life changes, and conducting x-rays are some of the most important ways that make the Gonstead method stand out amongst all the other chiropractic techniques. 

By treating each patient as a unique individual instead of using a blanket method for everyone, is a key reason why this method is so successful. To learn more about the Gonstead Chiropractic Method, you can check out the Gonstead website.

Taking the next step

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