Post-Accident & Injury Care

“The automobile is responsible for 3 million new whiplash injuries in the U.S. every year. A surprising number of victims will never fully recover from these injuries, making it one of the most expensive and important health problems of modern times.”



Injuries can be devastating. Whether you’re experiencing pain from a motor vehicle accident, work-related incident or slip-and-fall, you need to find a specialist for your post-accident care who can help you make a full recovery.

At Greenville Spine Institute, we’ve provided high-quality post-accident care to Greenville, SC residents for more than a decade. Our all-natural Chiropractic healing approach works to attack and resolve your pain at the source so that you can make a full recovery without medication or surgery.

If you were in a recent accident, you shouldn’t have to suffer through this pain. You deserve relief, fast. Give us a call to schedule your free post-accident care consultation so you can get back to doing what you love.

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In 2016, there were 61,899 people injured in reportable motor vehicle accidents in South Carolina. That’s about seven injuries every hour.

All accidents can cause pain and injury, even minor accidents. As Chiropractors, we specialize in providing gentle care for muscle and ligament injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents or other mishaps.

We want to support you so you can focus on helping more patients. If you’re interested in talking about this further, we’d love to sponsor a lunch and learn to discuss how we can serve you and your patients.



As a personal injury attorney, you need to make sure your clients can make a full recovery from their injuries. Here’s the problem: it’s hard to find the right treatment options. Should they go to the hospital, primary care provider, specialty physician, or somewhere else?

According to the Insurance Research Council, 85% of all injuries suffered during motor vehicle accidents are to the body’s ligaments.

These are the types of injuries we treat most. We know you have a responsibility to serve your clients well, but spending time trying to find the right healthcare provider is the last thing you should be doing.

If you want a reliable partner, who will provide post-accident care for your clients and help get them back on their feet, quickly, then give us a call today!

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It. Check Out What Our Patients Have to Say.

What People Are Saying…

My husband and I were referred to Dr. Lewis after an automobile accident by one of his patients. I am eternally grateful that we listened to my co-worker that urged us to go. We went through a full physical therapy treatment and my husband bounced back and is feeling better than ever before! I unfortunately got into another accident, and Dr.Lewis did not hesitate to get me in and get scans done. He is extremely informative and caring! I’m in the middle of my second physical therapy treatment, and I know that if it wasn’t for Dr. Lewis, his wonderful staff, and their masseuse Amanda, I probably wouldn’t be able to do anything that is required of me in daily life. Working behind a computer every day would be near impossible without these people in my life.

So really, if you are in need of a Chiropractor, look no further because you won’t find a better doctor out there.

Deanna R.

Greer, SC



Dr Kevin Lewis Greenville Spine Chiropractor

Dr. Kevin P. Lewis

Dr. Kevin P. Lewis is dedicated to providing world-class chiropractic, nutritional, and rehabilitative care to his patients. His passion is helping his patients achieve the health goals that they desire. “One of my greatest joys is to watch my patients get out of pain and suffering and get back to doing what is important in their lives!” Dr. Lewis, a life-long resident of Greenville, graduated from The Citadel, Southside Christian School, and Mitchell Road Christian Academy.

"I Believe You Deserve to Be Healthy, Happy, and Live the Life You Want to Live."

Professional Affiliations

Spine Research Institute of San Diego

International Chiropractors Association

South Carolina Chiropractic Association

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA)

Gonstead Clinical Studies Society

Sherman College of Chiropractic

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Brooke_Aronson Greenville Spine Chiropractor

Dr. Brooke Aronson

Dr. Brooke Aronson, a Port St. Lucie, Florida native, is a 2021 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Aronson studied the Gonstead Technique while in school, attending over 200 hours of seminars She was also held officer positions in the Functional Rehabilitation Club. Dr. Brooke Aronson has a passion for treating pregnancy and pediatric cases, which is her primary practice focus along with family care. Dr. Aronson has a great desire to help people achieve their health goals and loves calling Greenville, SC home.

Miranda Maw

Miranda Maw

Case Manager


The first step in our process to restoring your health is to complete a comprehensive consultation of your health concern. We will discuss your health problems, how they are effecting you, previous treatments, and discover what your health goals are. Whether you want to run a 5k, get back on the golf course, focus at work so you can get that big promotion, or be the focused mom that you have always wanted to be…without pain holding you back; we will ensure our treatment is centered on the goals that are important to you.

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36-Point Examination

The next step in our process is to conduct a thorough physical, orthopedic, and neurologic examination to determine the cause of your health concern. Our desire is to know exactly what is causing the problem so we can correct it and get you back to doing what you love. These tests may include:

  • Specific Instrumentation and Visualization
  • Static and Motion Palpation
  • Digital Postural Analyses
  • Computerized Range of Motion Assessments
  • BioImpedance Analysis
  • Orthopedic Testing
  • Neurologic Testing


Digital Motion Study X-rays

The third step in our evaluation will be to perform highly specialized digital motion study X-rays, if our examination determines necessity. These specialized X-rays will show us what is working for you and what is not working correctly for you. This allows us to focusing in on exactly what is causing your problem so that we can provide a lasting correction of the cause.

Comprehensive Treatment Plan

The final step will be for us to sit down and formulate a plan, together, focused on restoring you to the life you want to live. Once formulated, we will enact this plan to get you back on track. Your health goals and your results are what drive our passion. We want you to be “Happy, Healthy, and Living the Life You Want to Live.”


“You Deserve to Be Happy, Health, and to Live the Life You Want to Live.”
-Dr. Kevin P. Lewis