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Stop “living with” lingering pain and stiffness

Still experiencing pain from a car crash, sports injury or injury on the job? Even though you may have been checked out by immediate care after your injury, lingering pain and stiffness are a good sign that something more is going on. Whiplash, a multitude of spinal health concerns, and soft tissue damage symptoms can all show up after your initial exam. And while you may try to brush it off as “working out morning kinks,” this can keep you from enjoying your normal day-to-day activities and living a healthy, active life.

Greenville Spine Institute is here to help. Our non-invasive, integrative approach to chiropractic, nutrition and proven therapy treatments will help you:

  • Reduce the long-term effects of your injury
  • Speed Up Recovery Time
  • Improve your overall health and wellness

Reduce the long-term effects of your injury

Whether you injured yourself in an automobile accident, twisted your knee at the gym, or slipped off the ladder at work, Dr. Kevin P. Lewis and the team at Greenville Spine Institute will work with you to reduce the pain, stiffness or other symptoms that continue to haunt you. Soft tissue damage (like damage to ligaments and cartilage) and subluxations (misalignments of the spine) can cause you to move in ways you normally wouldn’t if they aren’t properly treated. Stretching the wrong way or favoring a leg or shoulder can create even more long-term damage or re-injure what your body has already started to heal.

That’s why, in addition to making sure your spine and joints are properly aligned, we will also help you strengthen and rebuild any soft tissue that was affected. This helps prevent long-term effects that could become permanent.

Speed Up Recovery Time

Giving your spine and joint health quick attention and recommending proper nutrition and supplements to reduce inflammation, Dr. Lewis and your Greenville Spine Institute team are also able to speed up your recovery time. Accidents cause subluxations and subluxations impede your nervous system. The science behind this is that your nervous system controls every function of the human body and therefore, if your brain cannot communicate freely with the rest of the body due to the subluxation, dysfunction will result. This is imperative for your body to heal itself the way it was designed to. These subluxations cause interference or noise in your system – slowing down your body’s overall healing process.

Think of it as you just turned your body’s speaker system down, so now your body can’t quite hear the brain tell it what it needs to do to heal.

Improve your overall health and wellness

Regardless of what brings you to Greenville Spine Institute, our doctors will always take a comprehensive, integrative approach. We look at how the body works as a whole to ensure you have proper spinal alignment and the proper nutrients to maximize your health. Our mission is to help patients and their families enjoy lives of optimal vitality. Dr. Lewis and the team at Greenville Spine Institute will go beyond the pain and symptoms of your injury and talk to you about how you can reach your maximum health potential and get back to doing the things you love.

Pain-free living is within reach – schedule a consultation

Stop living with pain and stiffness, and let’s talk about how Greenville Spine Institute can help. While you might be able to bear it today, how will it “show up” 5, 10 or even 15 years from now? Call Greenville Spine Institute or fill out the form on this page to schedule your consultation.


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